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Developer platform for 10x productivity

Feb 8, 2023·

1 min read

10x productivity platform for developers

Being vulnerable is the key to growth. I had the dream to build something useful for the developer community, but I procrastinated on this for many years.

I started 2023 with some determination to build the product and give life to my dream. After one month's hard effort during my weekend and post office hours, I was able to complete my MLP (Minimum Lovable Product) today.

Today, I launched my product on the Product Hunt platform. Within a few hours, my product attracted around 250 user visits.

I am so happy about it. Now my next goal is to reach 1000 user visits in a week.

the 'airbox' is a platform for developers to find the tools and utilities all in one place. It is a Google for developer tools. It is 100% free and nothing is attached to it. You don't require any login to try this product.

Try and share your feedback to improve the product and server better to the developer community.

Don't forget to upvote my product in 'Product Hunt'. Of course, that will add some happiness to the effort I spent!